sleep with the fishes

Imagine you live in the Kingdom of Unforgettable Brands and the ruler of the realm just passed away. He had no heir, so every willing subject is summoned to prove he deserves to be crowned as king. However, those who fail will be executed. You decide to answer the call. Now, you have to show you are better than the rest, that you look, act and think like a king in a set of carefully-chosen challenges. Succeed and you’ll be the next ruler of the realm. Fail and you’ll sleep with the fishes.

It’s the same with brands. If your company has a carefully crafted branding strategy, if it has a strong visual identity and a well-defined communication plan, it will be more likely to succeed on the market, to stand apart from its competitors and to be perceived as a trustworthy partner.

Things you should consider for your branding strategy

Brand Name

You acceded to the throne and your first heir was born. How will you name it? You have to choose carefully; after all, it’s the next king we’re talking about! Just as every new-born, every company, product or service on the market should have its name, a unique element that helps others differentiate it from the rest. The name should be short, concise and memorable: it should represent the entity and be easy to remember.


Which is your kingdom’s flag? Does every subject recognize it and do other realms know and respect it? The above-posted icon made you think of Superman, right? No matter where you live, you probably know it.

A logo is an essential part of your brand’s visual identity and together with the tagline it leads to your brand’s immediate public recognition.

Brand Manual

As a king, you have a set of rules all subjects have to abide, otherwise they will be punished.

A brand manual is, basically, a company’s set of rules, it’s ID card: it defines and explains the brand’s essence and its key visual elements, how were they developed and how should they be used when crafting brand related materials.

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